About Us

The European Facility Management Network Association, EuroFM

The EuroFM European Facility Management Network Association was officially established in the Netherlands on 29 December 1993 by NEFMA, the Dutch Facility Management Association (now FMN), the Danish Facility Management Association DFM and the British Facility Management Institute (now IWFM).

EuroFM is the European Facility Management Association that brings together educators, researchers and practitioners in the field of Facility Management.

EuroFM has members from more than 30 different countries on facility management, from research institutes to universities, from service providers to national facility management associations. Today, 31 Universities and Research Institutes, including Ankara University Faculty of Applied Sciences, operating in the field of facility management, 16 national Facility Management Associations, including TRFMA Facility Management Association, and corporate companies in facility management are members of EuroFM. EuroFM also has a network of Ambassadors who are outstanding facility management experts from all over the world.

The aim of EuroFM is to observe the facility management profession and gain a better general understanding by learning and sharing facilities management knowledge. EuroFM members openly cooperate in the knowledge and experience through conferences, meetings, seminars and workshops, sometimes through collaboration in European Community funded research projects, and through parts of joint training programmes.

EuroFM Facility Management Conference/EuroFM Research Symposium

EuroFM Facility Management Conference and EuroFM Research Symposium is the most important business of the EuroFM, the European Facility Management Association which brings together practitioners, educators and researchers every year and helping to share facility management knowledge.

The EuroFM Facility Management Conference/EuroFM Research Symposium consists of two interconnected conference presentations addressing the same theme: the “EuroFM Facility Management Conference”, which brings business people together, and the “EuroFM Research Symposium”, which brings the university and the research world together.

EuroFM Facility Management Conferences have been held in the following countries and cities in the recent years.

It was held in 2011 Vienna Austria, 2012 Copenhagen Denmark, 2013 Prague Czechia, 2014 Berlin Germany, 2015 Glasgow England, 2016 Milan Italy, 2017 Madrid Spain, 2018 Sofia Bulgaria and 2019 Dublin Ireland. Due to the Covid Pandemic epidemic in 2019, physical conferences were suspended for 3 years.

TRFMA Facility Management Association is one of the members of EuroFM. In the year 2023, TRFMA and EuroFM are organizing the 28th EuroFM Facility Management Conference and 22nd EuroFM Research Symposium in Istanbul Türkiye.

EuroFM Facility Management Conference/EuroFM Research Symposium has important meetings, conference panels, an exhibition, the gala dinner, student poster competition, research paper presentations, roundtables, workshops and miscellaneous meetings. Participation of more than 600 delegates is expected from Europe, Türkiye and all over the World.

Turkish Facility Management Association, TRFMA

TRFMA, Facility Management Association, is a non-governmental organization formed by Türkiye’s leading professional Facility Management companies and representing Turkish FM industries in the international FM associations.

Facility management has gained more importance both in the World and in Türkiye in the recent years. Facility Management is a rapidly growing business sector and one of the most employment-intensive sectors in Türkiye.

Türkiye’s leading facility management company established the Turkish Facility Management Association (TRFMA) on 21.12.2017 with the aim of supporting and developing the Facility Management sector.

The purpose of TRFMA is to implement solutions related to facility management methods and services to optimize operating costs and improve management quality.

TRFMA aims to develop facility management and facility services and to solve the facility management problems of all existing and new facility projects such as urban transformation projects, mixed-use facilities, special-purpose facilities, etc.